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Research in Natural Sciences

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Natural Sciences, more specifically biology and chemistry, at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague are developed mainly at the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, and Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences. Some of our recent projects are focused on biotechnologies, soil contamination, animal biology, the chemistry of tropical, medicinal plants, and much more.

CZU Prague excels in the fields of economics and management, agrobiology, food and natural resources, environmental sciences, forestry, tropical agrisciences, engineering, and pedagogy. With its six faculties and one institute, it accommodates modern research facilities and laboratories.

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Czech Technical University in Prague

Research is carried out at all eight faculties, and also at the university institutes: the Klokner Institute, the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, and the Institute of Technical and Experimental Physics.

In the future, too, we aim to be a prestigious university where the emphasis will be on high-quality scientific and research work, and on being a significant performer in the European research and education space.

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University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

The University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague is a natural centre of first-rate study and research in the area of chemistry in the Czech Republic and is one of the country’s largest educational and research institutions focused on technical chemistry, chemical and biochemical technologies, material and chemical engineering, food chemistry, and environmental studies.

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Charles University

At CU the natural sciences are covered by the Faculty of Science, whose key scientific projects focus on microbiology, chemistry, geochemistry, biology, biochemistry, and environmental studies. Projects from other faculties of CU also touch on the natural sciences, for example, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics with its research in astronomy, astrology, and nuclear physics. Another faculty whose research touches on the natural sciences is the Faculty of Pharmacy, e.g. in the development of new medicines and their testing, side-effects, toxicology etc. Ecology, ecosystems, biodiversity and environmental topics are also dealt with at the Environment Centre of Charles University, the Faculty of Humanities, and the Center for Theoretical Study CU.