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Modelling of hydrological processes under changing climatic conditions

Research at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

The modelling of hydrological processes significantly contributes to water resource management and planning in EU member states. Large and significant floods and droughts have appeared in Europe during the last two decades. It is expected that these natural phenomena will escalate due to ongoing climate change, which could have adverse impacts in many sectors ranging from agriculture, forestry and ecosystems (damage to crops, soil erosion), water resources (effect on surface and ground water quality), human health to industry, human settlements and society. This underscores the need to ensure the sustainability of water resource management, mainly through flood and drought protection, prediction and mitigation in urban and rural areas and the surrounding environment.

Our research team has long-term experience with research on hydrological process modelling with applications in water resource management, specifically with the following topics: flood forecasting, drought propagation and prediction, the impact of climate change on hydrological extremes, modelling qualitative and quantitative groundwater properties, etc.

Team leader

prof. Ing. Pavel Pech, CSc.


  • Compensation climate change impacts on water supply
  • New technologies in bathymetry
  • Soil moisture and runoff droughts in a changing climate



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