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Health Insurance

Having a health insurance policy entitles you to free standard medical treatment or reimbursement of the standard medical treatment that you may receive from a general practitioner or another medical specialist. Prescribed medication is usually also reimbursed by the insurance company at least partially, if not fully. Medicine and treatment are generally less expensive than in other European countries.

Students from the EU, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland

After your arrival, you’ll need to register at VZP (Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna – General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic). Beware of EU health insurance policies and check the insurance regulations here.

To register, you may visit the VZP office at Na Perštýně 6, Prague 1. You will obtain an official document providing you with the same health services as if you were a citizen of the Czech Republic. Our health system guarantees that it is free (at most a small charge) for consultations and prescriptions.

To obtain treatment under the provisions of the European regulations, it is important to contact a medical institution that has a contract with the public health insurance system (most of them have one, but some institutions are private).

You should also check out Centrum mezistátních úhrad (Centre for International Reimbursements or CMÚ).

Students from non-EU countries

If you are coming from outside the EU, you are required to have health insurance from an authorized insurance company. The original contract has to be written in Czech, or you have to obtain a certified translation into Czech.

There are several Czech insurance companies that provide the right type of insurance that is specifically designed for the needs of international students. Usually, you can purchase the insurance online.

There are two types of medical insurance:

Emergency medical care insurance, which is sufficient for your visa application and for the beginning of your stay. This insurance will cover all the necessary expenses for emergency medical care (including emergency dental treatment) in medical institutions in the whole Schengen Area.

Comprehensive Medical Care Insurance. You will be required to obtain this type of insurance when you extend your visa.

Registered providers of insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic

  • VZP or General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic – the first and largest health insurance company in the Czech Republic.  Details about the health care possibilities can be seen here.