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Tropical Biodiversity

Research at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

The Tropical Biodiversity Group focuses its research mainly on these areas:

1) The role of agroforestry in biodiversity conservation by comparing various land use systems, we investigate the potential of agroforestry as agricultural practice to conserve biodiversity of different taxa of plants as well as animals (trees, herbaceous plants, insects, small mammals etc.);
2) Agroforestry tree domestication – tree diversity (morphological, genetic and chemical), tree farmers‘ preferences in agroforestry systems, vegetative propagation, genetic diversity of tropical crops and trees;
3) Neglected/underutilized plant species.

Team leader 

doc. Ing. Bohdan Lojka, Ph.D.


  • Agribusiness for LIFE – Livelihoods, Innovation, Food & Empowerment, Zambia Central and Western province
  • Enhancement of livelihoods in the Kenyan Coastal Region by supporting Organic and Fair Trade certification of smallholders
  • Mechanisms of soil organic matter turnover in the Congo Basin along the land-use gradient
  • Agroforestry – potential for regional development and sustainable rural landscape
  • AGFOSY – Agroforestry Systems: The Opportunity for European Landscape and Agriculture
  • Enhancement of the education and scientific research in the fields of biotechnologies, agricultural production and extension at Hawassa University, Ethiopia
  • Genetic and morphological diversity of selected agroforestry species



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