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A new electron beam ion trap for the study of particle dynamics in strongly bound ultra-cold plasma

Research at Charles University

Research project: Ultra-cold plasma laboratory

The aim of the research is to cool the plasma to fractions of a degree above absolute zero and to study the behavior of electrons in such an environment. The biggest challenge is to keep this coldest plasma stable in space, a mixture of ions and electrons. The solution to this sub-problem is funded by the PRIMUS program. Once we succeed, we will observe the “swelling” of electrons to microscopic dimensions due to the laws of quantum mechanics. This can be used in quantum technologies such as quantum sensors and computers. Antimatter research will also benefit from our program, as our equipment (after modifications and placement at CERN) will enable the production of neutral anti-hydrogen.

Team leader & members

  • Mgr. Michal Hejduk, Ph.D.
  • Albin Antony (postdoc)
  • Niklas Lausti (PhD student)
  • Vineet Kumar (PhD student)
  • Andrej Rendek (undergraduate student)
  • Ivan Hudák (undergraduate student)


Charles University
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Mgr. Michal Hejduk, Ph.D.
E: michal.hejduk@chem.ox.ac.uk

More information

Web: https://mhejduk.com/?fbclid=IwAR1zD8RhKFzLDDzxX4N6Me6y8JrKseCp0D6h5JewGsVB-10qRTMCVd5_84w

FB: https://www.facebook.com/UCPLabPrague


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