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Standard topics of STEM subjects innovately taught

Research at Charles University

The focus of the project is to enable future teachers to deliver standard content in a way that students develop the necessary knowledge about, skills in and attitudes for handling these topics that build the basis for solving authentic problems afterwards, as diverse as they may arise. The project aims to modernizing future science and mathematics teachers’ HE by rethinking standard topics innovatively and by supporting them in developing their future students’ key competences in these topics,
and thus their knowledge, skills and attitudes.

In order to do so it will be developed teaching modules for future teachers’ higher education on standard topics, which will:

  • use innovative pedagogies and competence-oriented learning approaches (such as giving the learning an active role, inquiry-based learning, experimental learning) and enable future teachers to use them in their future teaching,
  • show applications of the concepts in real life contexts and everyday situations,
  • include transdisciplinary approaches and cross-discipline collaboration (e.g. by pointing out examples of how functions are used in biological context, by showing how the proportion from surface to volume is relevant in biology, chemistry and physics),
  • enable future teachers to deal with diversity in relation to these standard topics,
  • enable future teachers to appropriately design forms of assessment that assess not only knowledge but also skills and transversal competences like critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving and so on,
  • use digital tools to deepen the insight in these standard topics.

Team leader

prof. Martin Bílek


Charles University
Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science
prof. PhDr. Martin Bílek, Ph.D.
E: martin.bilek@pedf.cuni.cz
T: (+420) 221 900 213

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