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Masek lab

Research at Charles University

We are a newly established lab focused on solving medically relevant basic biological questions.
We strive to gain a better mechanistic insight into the processes co-regulated by direct protein-protein interaction between components of Notch and Wnt pathways and Non-canonical Notch-ligand mediated signaling in development, homeostasis and disease.

Developmental and cellular biology, mouse models. Medically relevant basic research focusing on Non-canonical Notch signaling and WNT/NOTCH crosstalks in development, homeostasis and disease. PRIMUS funded project.

Team leader & members

  • Dr. Jan Mašek
  • Daniel Oliveira (postdoc)
  • Anna Maria Frontino (PhD student)
  • Fabio Turetti (PhD student)
  • Hana Hajšmanová (undergraduate)

Selected publications

  • CHODELKOVA O, MASEK J, KORINEK V, KOZMIK Z & MACHON O (2018) Tcf7L2 is essential
    for neurogenesis in the developing mouse neocortex. Neural Dev. 13: 8 (Scopus citations: 3)
  • MAŠEK J & ANDERSSON ER (2017) The developmental biology of genetic Notch disorders. Development 144: 1743–1763
  • MAŠEK J, MACHOŇ O, KOŘÍNEK V, TAKETO MM & KOZMIK Z (2016) Tcf7l1 protects the anterior neural fold from adopting the neural crest fate. Development 143: 2206–2216


Charles University
Faculty of Science
Mgr. Jan Mašek, Ph.D.
E-mail: jan.masek@natur.cuni.cz

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We have an interest for motivated post graduate students interesting in cooperation.
PhD, master students and postdoc applicants, please send your CV, motivation and a reference letter.


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