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Sustainability of Agriculture in varying economic conditions of EU countries

Research at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Individual EU countries vary significantly in their socioeconomic and environmental conditions, as well as in their historical development. There are often extreme differences in land ownership fragmentation, the role of the land rental market, climatic conditions as well as economic and social conditions. These and other pre-dispositions of individual countries/regions result in the need to ensure the sustainability of agriculture and of its impact on the landscape, rural areas and the environment. Our research team has long-term experience with research on land management and land use policy, specifically with the following topics: land fragmentation, land consolidation, land-use changes, landscape planning, land market determinants, sustainability of land use, etc. A significant contribution to the team is the high-quality GIS department.

Team leader

prof. Ing. Petr Sklenička, CSc.


  • System of Landscape Adjustments for Adaptation of the Agricultural (Forestry) Landscape to Climate Change in the Period 2030+
  • Identification and preservation of historic field patterns



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