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Vernacular historic landscapes of Europe and their preservation within a sustainable landscape

Research at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

While there are number of studies and projects concentrating on designed historic landscapes, vernacular cultural landscapes, created through traditional agricultural practices, receive considerably less attention. Nevertheless, these landscapes represent irreplaceable values – historical, ecological and aesthetic – and they are excellent examples of sustainable agricultural systems.

In present-day Europe, vernacular historic landscapes are rapidly disappearing. This is due partly to accelerating changes in agricultural and land-ownership patterns and partly to the challenges in preservation of these landscapes, including the multi-disciplinary nature of this field, as well as the need to devise new methods of determining the significant features of these landscapes, which play a key part in their conservation.

Our research team, in co-operation with other institutions, is currently focusing on the dynamics of vernacular historic landscapes and the factors behind their disappearance; the possibilities of dating these landscapes using non-destructive archaeological methods; the visual qualities of these landscapes, as perceived by different users of these landscapes; the role of specific features of these landscapes in erosion control and water retention; and the possibilities for ecologically, socially and economically sustainable use of these landscapes, including eco-tourism.

Team leader

doc. Ing. Kristina Janečková Molnárová, Ph.D.


  • Landscape for Breeding and Training of Ceremonial Carriage Horses at Kladruby nad Labem



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