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Management for sustainable spatial development

Research at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Managing spatial development of human society is one of the key activities that ensure its long term sustainability. Development, if not properly coordinated, leads to various problems. The most visible of all is urban sprawl, which inevitably leads to raising dependence of people on individual automotive transportation, increased fosil fuel consumption, increased monetary costs, worsening of accessibility of social infrastructure, atomization of society and subsequet problems with public space.

The task for sustainable spatial management therefore is to find long term solutions for fulfilling the needs and wishes of society that are both affordable and environmentally friendly. This indeed requires forecasting how the needs of society as well as the environment in which they are going to be realized. That need than requires scientific research on spatial development of society and research and development of the necessary tools for doing so.

Team leader

prof. Ing. arch. Karel Maier, CSc.


  • The tools for reducing the personal-transport-related energy consumption of smart cities
  • Spatial Management of Urban Shrinkage



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