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Plant Biodiversity and Evolution Research Group

Research at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Plant Biodiversity and Evolution research group (PBE) at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences CZU is primarily focused on fundamental questions concerning the origin, evolution and diversification of plants. The research is combining systematics, morphology, karyology, population and molecular genetics and vegetation science.

The major theme uniting these different approaches is phylogeography, which we use to understanding the way in which the climatic oscillation of the Quaternary Period have shaped the distribution of genetic structure of extant tree and herb species provides insight into the processes driving species diversification, distribution and survival.

Team leader

prof. Mgr. Bohumil Mandák, Ph.D.


  • The significance of climate and history population for expansion species
  • What is the origin of dry grasslands in Central Europe?
  • Evolution of diploid-polyploid complex of Chenopodium album
  • The understanding of long-term sustainability of ecosystem services of European floodplain forests
  • Knowledge conversion for enhancing management of European riparian ecosystems and services



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