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Research in Education

Charles University

The majority of projects undertaken by the Faculty of Education of Charles University are in the field of education and concern, on the one hand, the theory and practice of the teaching of individual subjects taught at primary and secondary schools, and on the other, topics of innovative approaches to the process of teaching or the prevention of violence, mobbing, and other related social phenomena. Many projects are multidisciplinary and conducted in cooperation with other faculties and workplaces – for example the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Faculty of Arts etc.

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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

The education area at CZU Prague is developed at the Institute of Education and Communication with research projects on career guidance and the development of teaching competencies.

CZU Prague excels in the fields of economics and management, agrobiology, food and natural resources, environmental sciences, forestry, tropical agrisciences, engineering, and pedagogy. With its six faculties and one institute, it accommodates modern research facilities and laboratories.

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