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New method of Education for the 21st century: Virtual-Co-Teaching

Research at Charles University

Project TAČR TL03000133 – New method of Education for the 21st century: Virtual-Co-Teaching (05/2020 – 09/2023)

The aim is to create a virtual component as a new part of the educational method of co-teaching. The project is based on the research, experimental verification and optimization. The project deals with the design of a methodology that will enable innovative use in school education. The project extends the co-teaching method into a virtual environment, creating a new tool applicable to solving current problems in the cognitive component of teaching. The principle is cooperation in teaching, assuming a pre-prepared scenario with the aim of more effective teaching, greater synergies between the content of education in the theoretical and practical component, the use of interdisciplinary approach in relation to cross-cutting themes and the development of transversal competences.

Team leader

  • Dr. Martin Kursch
  • prof. Jaroslav Veteška
  • Dr. Zuzana Svobodová
  • Dr. Lucie Paulovčáková


Charles University
Faculty of Education
PhDr. Martin Kursch, Ph.D.
E: martin.kursch@pedf.cuni.cz
T: (+420) 221 900 525

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