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Professional vision of future teachers (noticing & knowledge-based reasoning)

Research at Charles University

Pre-service teachers must develop a range of skills, including a certain type of noticing skill that is different from lay people’s skills. When observing a lesson, either live or on video, they are expected to notice aspects of the lesson that are deemed important for the development of pupils’ knowledge. Yet the complexity of a lesson is such that if they direct attention to something, they do so at the expense of something else. Much research has been undertaken in recent years focusing on what it is that student teachers do and do not notice in a lesson, how they make sense of it and how their professional vision (noticing ability and knowledge-based reasoning) can be developed.

We we have used and investigated an impact of reflection based programmes such as Lesson Study and video-clubs. Thus, we offer a cooperation on research aimed at reflection-based teacher education in general and on the possibilities of video-based courses for the development of professional vision in particular. Possible subjects are mathematics, English language teaching as a second language, art teaching, biology, elementary science etc.

Team leader & members

  • doc. Naďa Vondrová
  • doc. Jarmila Robová
  • doc. Jana Stará
  • Dr. Lenka Pavlasová
  • Dr. Klára Uličná
  • Dr. Magdalena Novotná

Selected publications

  • VONDROVÁ, Naďa, NOVOTNÁ, Magdaléna, PAVLASOVÁ, Lenka, ROBOVÁ, Jarmila, STARÁ, Jana and ULIČNÁ, Klára. Video-interventions and how they influence future teachers‘ knowledge and skills. Praha: Karolinum. 2020.
  • SIMPSON, Adrian and VONDROVÁ, Naďa. Developing pre-service teachers’ professional vision with video interventions: A divergent replication. Journal of Education for Teaching. 2019, 45(2), 567–584.
  • VONDROVÁ, Naďa and ŽALSKÁ, Jana. Ability to notice mathematics specific phenomena: What exactly do student teachers attend to?. Orbis scholae. 2015, 9(2), 77–101.


Charles University
Faculty of Education
doc. RNDr. Naďa Vondrová, Ph.D.
E: nada.vondrova@pedf.cuni.cz
T: (+420) 221 900 249

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We have an interest for motivated post graduate students interesting in  pedagogy and education.


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