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Carl Orff – teacher and composer

Research at Charles University

The project offers an educational model for cooperation of Alliance 4EU+ universities in the field
of music education and didactics of music composition training, and is intended to inspire other disciplines, too. It has a theoretical and a practical part. The starting point is C. Orff, music educator, founder of an important education system, and composer of cantata Carmina Burana. The first phase requires professional processing of historical data; content, didactic and graphic preparation  of e-book and educational material. The practical part includes methodological, choral and orchestral workshops that can work synchronously in several places through technologies and inspire each other by methodology. The final stage is a concert. The sequence is systematically recorded  as a methodological material for further educational use, thus ensuring the long-term sustainability
of the results.

Team leader

Dr. Marek Valášek


Charles University
Faculty of Education
Mgr. MgA. Marek Valášek, Ph.D.
E: marek.valasek@pedf.cuni.cz
T: (+420) 221 900 164

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