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The Strength and Conditioning Laboratory

Research at Charles University

Strength and conditioning (ranging from the mechanisms and physiology underpinning acute and chronic adaptation to applied research in individual and team settings). We strive to produce high-quality student-driven publications that are useful for the practice of strength and conditioning. All students are not only responsible for their own projects, but also work together as a team to help others in their endeavors, resulting in scientific output and life-long friendships.

Team leader & members

  • Dr. James J. Tufano
  • Tomas Vetrovsky
  • Jan Malecek
  • Dan Omcirk
  • Jan Padecky
  • Michal Jonáš
  • Martin Tino Janikov

Selected publications

Our publications include papers in top journals such as Sports Med, JSCR, IJSPP, EJAP, Frontiers in Physiology, APNM, JoHK, Sports, Experimental Gerontology, Sports Biomechanics, ESC Heart Failure, and the Journal of Translational Medicine, just to name a few.

For a more complete list, see Dr. Tufano’s PubMed, Google Scholar, or ResearchGate profiles.


Charles University
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
James J. Tufano, PhD, CSCS*D
E: tufano@ftvs.cuni.cz

More information

We have an interest for motivated post graduate students.


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