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Research in Business, Management & Law

Prague University of Economics and Business

Business & Management at VŠE is developed at more faculties. The Faculty of Business Administration engages in research projects on entrepreneurship, coworking, managerial decision making and behavioural economics, family business, supply chain management, and customer research. The Faculty of Management focuses on research projects for managerial decision-making support, health care management, and marketing research. The Faculty of International Relations contributes with new strategies in the field of international business and the competitiveness of Czech business entities in changing political and economic conditions as well as with strategic and operational management of business processes in the international environment.

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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Business & Management at CZU Prague is developed at the Faculty of Economics and Management with research projects on managerial simulation using neural networks, human behaviour in teamwork, production optimization, and an innovative support network for students in the field of online marketing.

CZU Prague excels in the fields of economics and management, agrobiology, food and natural resources, environmental sciences, forestry, tropical agrisciences, engineering and pedagogy. With its six faculties and one institute, it accommodates modern research facilities and laboratories.

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Charles University

Projects involving marketing, public relations, management, etc. are carried out by the Faculty of Social Sciences. Research projects at the CU Faculty of Law focus on Czech and international law, legal phenomena, and the history of law.

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