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Research in Mathematics & Statistics

Czech Technical University in Prague

Research is carried out at all eight faculties, and also at the university institutes: the Klokner Institute, the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, and the Institute of Technical and Experimental Physics.

In the future, too, we aim to be a prestigious university where the emphasis will be on high-quality scientific and research work, and on being a significant performer in the European research and education space.

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Prague University of Economics and Business

The areas of the exact methods at VŠE are mainly emphasized by the workplaces of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics. These are mainly the areas of time series research, economic statistics, probability, econometric modeling and demography.

The Faculty of Economics at VŠE conducts research using advanced statistical and econometrical methods and actively contributes to the field with constant methodological enhancement. For example in health econometrics, it investigated how legal liability affects medical decisions, including the implications for the method of econometric estimation.

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Charles University

With its research projects, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics stands on the boundary between mathematics & statistics (mathematics) and the natural sciences (physics). Projects in the field of mathematics touch on theoretical mathematical models (used in e.g. medical research), combinatorics, statistics, and also the teaching of mathematics as a subject at primary and secondary schools. The Center for Theoretical Study CU is also involved in mathematics research.

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