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Research in Economics & Finance

Prague University of Economics and Business

The Faculty of Economics at VŠE conducts research mostly in experimental and behavioral economics, labor economics, health economics, regional economics, law and economics and institutional economics. Their projects investigate e.g. determinants of tax-morale, how culture and institutions affect economic growth, factors influencing labor supply of women, aftermath of medical malpractice, and how stress affects human decision-making.

Finance & Accounting at VŠE is developed at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting with research projects on banking, financial markets, monetary policy, public finance, financial a managerial accounting and corporate finance.

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Charles University

At CU, economic analyses and scientific projects in economics & finance are primarily carried out at the prestigious, specialised university Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education – Economic Institute. The Institute of Economic Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences offers university education in economics, finance, banking, European economic integration and economic policy at all levels.

Research Groups and Projects