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Ongoing vocology research

Research at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

The research carried out by the Research Centre for Musical Acoustics (MARC) at HAMU covers the area of voice research (vocology) and voice psychoacoustics. To facilitate this effort, the MARC research centre employs a listening and recording chamber, recording equipment for the recording and acoustic analysis of voice and for electroglottography, and vibration measurement equipment. From a diagnostic point of view, it has methods of voice range profile analysis, spectral analysis, multidimensional analysis (MDVP KAY Elemetric) and electroglottographic recording. In this area, the research centre is developing its own analytical software, RealVoiceLab, for recording and analysing the acoustic properties of voice in real time using remote access via the Internet.

The research centre cooperates with and offers cooperation to many experts and companies in the field of vocology, phoniatric outpatient clinics, voice educators and voice therapists. It explores various aspects of the acoustic analysis of voice, diagnostics and therapy of voice disorders and voice education and aesthetics. The cooperation with the research centre in the field of vocology research also includes training in voice acoustics, voice research methodology and statistical data processing.

The results of the vocology research conducted by MARC in cooperation with ORL Ambulance – Voice Disorder Treatment Centre are applied in the field of voice rehabilitation and treatment of speech and hearing disorders. The insights are disseminated primarily by means of co-organising vocology courses as part of lifelong education schemes accredited by the Czech Medical Chamber.

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Musical Acoustics Research Centre (MARC) at the AMU


Music and Dance Faculty of The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
Musical Acoustics Research Centre (MARC)
Malostranské nám. 13
118 01 Praha 1, Czech Republic

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