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Dynamic Properties of Vehicles

Research at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

The project aims to design the implementation of a roller test facility, which will make it possible – among other things – to assess braking performance on the basis of dynamic measurement methods, including a description of the measurement methodology and its practical verification. In order to drum up centres’ interest in the product of Actia CZ, it would be helpful to offer more than emission assessment – roller test facilities need to be prepared for other uses as well. It can therefore be concluded that the market is determined in part by national legislation, where vehicles (both private and business) are regularly inspected by STK (technical inspection) and SME (emission measurement), and it is in the company’s interest to continuously maintain the vehicle fleet in such a condition so that it has no problem passing the inspections required by law.

Team leader 

doc. Ing. Martin Pexa, Ph.D.


Developing a methodology for dynamic measurement and proposing design modifications to a roller test facility for the purpose of assessing the braking performance of vehicles




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