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Prague Universities for Ukraine


The universities of the consortium, Study in Prague, have initiated various assistance programmes to support Ukrainian students and refugees. Every helping hand further lifts up the community in this time of need. To find out how you can help: volunteering time, donating resources, or providing financial assistance, you can follow the links below.

AMU for Ukraine 

Charles University Helpline 

Prague University of Economics and Business

Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Czech Universities Take Action

The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague has offered 150 beds in the dormitories and other university estates to accommodate people in need coming from Ukraine. They are also provided with a “first aid kit” with hygiene supplies and basic food and meal coupons for the university cafeteria. CZU issues an identity card for them to confirm their stay here. There will be a room for kids where instructors from the university’s kindergarten will look after them.

CZU established a public fundraiser for help to Ukraine. The donations will be used, depending on the situation, to help our Ukrainian students, academics, or employees suffering as a result of the Russian invasion and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. From the fundraiser, we can also send material assistance to the affected areas, such as food, water, clothing, and other necessary equipment, or support the renovation of damaged buildings.

For Ukrainian students and refugees, CZU has set up a non-stop crisis line, UKRAINE help: +420 224 38 27 77. Operators speak Czech, Ukrainian, English.

CZU Library offers a study room with computers for the incomers to have internet access. They can also use a printer.

Psychological counselling will be provided to students or refugees in need. CZU also plans to integrate incoming Ukrainian students and academics into its study programmes and research projects.

The university’s veterinary ambulance offers treatments for pets coming with refugees free of charge.

A multitude of volunteers, CZU students, and employees are helping with all the activities mentioned above.