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University dormitories

Each university offers students the possibility of being accommodated in a dormitories/hall of residence.

You will either be able to reserve a room by yourself (usually online) and/or will be provided further information by the study advisor/programme coordinator at the university where you will study.

Charles University in Prague

  • Applicants for study programmes in Czech language
  • Applicants for study programmes taught in a foreign language submit their applications for accommodation to the international office of the relevant CU faculty. More information about dormitory facilities here.

Czech Technical University in Prague

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

  • web page
  • Applicants for study programmes taught in English submit their applications for accommodation to the international Relations Office of the Faculty, at which they will study.

University of Economics, Prague

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

  • Information about accommodation can be found either via the Department of International Relations or via the Administration of University Facilities. In either case, visit the web page.

Prices differ according to the dormitory that you choose. The monthly rent is about € 150 . The dormitory administration can issue the confirmation of accommodation that you need for the visa process.

Private Accomodation

Another option is private accommodation/flat sharing. Prices depend on size, location and the equipment in the apartment.

The size is usually indicated by numbers. Sometimes it can be a little bit confusing, so here is a short vocabulary of Czech real estate:

  • Garsoniéra/studio – one room that includes a kitchen
  • 1+1- One room and a separate kitchen, normally including an entrance hall
  • 1+1kk, kk means kitchenette, and the kitchen is a part of one room. So it is an apartment with 1 separate room, one room that includes a kitchenette, and an entrance hall.

Find offers direct from the owners at Bezrealitky or Expats.

If you are looking for a room in the shared flat, look at Spolubydlici (flatmate).

Rents vary: 1+1 € 500 – € 650 (per month), 2+1 € 650 – € 800 (per month)