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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU) is one of the leading European institutions in the field of life sciences. CZU is not just a life sciences university, but a place of innovative scientific research and discovery.

We live in a world where natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. CZU emphasizes education and research in sustainable development and the conservation of biodiversity along with the responsible use of natural resources and alternative, renewable means of energy production.

CZU Prague is situated on the outskirts of Prague, on a quiet and well-equipped campus that is easily reachable from the city centre by public transport. CZU is one of the largest universities in the Czech Republic, offering over 220 Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD study programmes. Over 50 study programmes are taught entirely in English.

The university has 6 faculties: (Economics and Management, Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Engineering, Forestry and Wood Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Tropical AgriSciences), and 1 institute (Education and Communication). 20,000 students are currently enrolled at CZU Prague.

CZU graduates easily find employment in the private and the public sector. CZU trains experts in agronomy, forestry, ecology, agriculture technologies, economics and management in related areas, horse or dog breeding, game management, and a broad range of other scientific disciplines.

Apart from its academic curriculum, CZU Prague offers various educative summer courses focused on the further development of acquired skills, the University of the Third Age, and related lifelong learning programmes.

CZU Prague operates a campus botanical garden and an equestrian centre, close to the campus, with special courses on horse welfare and horse breeding. CZU also operates a large farm with 400 cows and 3,500 hectares of fields and arable land, situated about 30 km from Prague, and a forestry centre, with teaching facilities and accommodation in a renaissance chateau from the 17th century. The forestry centre manages 7,000 hectares of forests and 2,500 hectares of fish ponds. The university also manages a viticultural centre near Prague.

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