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Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (AMU) is the largest art school in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its broad scope ranging from theatre, music and dance to TV and movie production, AMU is a diverse and nurturing space for young artists to discover, master and further develop any talents they might possess.

AMU is the leading educational art institution in Central Europe and presents its undergraduates with disciplines that aren’t taught anywhere else. Students seek to refine their specific abilities under the tuition of active professionals of the Czech cultural and intellectual scene, top ranking filmmakers, theatre dramaturges and stage performers, musical virtuosos and master dancers with an emphasis on a uniquely individual approach.

The highest standards of artistic education are reflected in the considerable number of prestigious awards frequently conferred on our students who participate in domestic and international festivals. These include the student Oscars, the Sundance Film Festival, the Phonurgia Nova competition in Paris, the Prague Spring competition or the Mark Ravenhill Award.

The university is divided into 3 independent departments – each specialized in its own genre of artistic endeavour:

The Theatre Faculty (DAMU) focuses on preparing students for their careers in acting, directing, puppetry, dramaturgy, stage design or production.

The Film and TV School (FAMU) has produced some of the most acclaimed directors, including Miloš Forman and Jan Švankmajer, and covers every aspect of the movie and television production process.

The Music and Dance Faculty (HAMU) explores the boundaries of the musical and dancing experience with subjects ranging from classical instruments, voice and opera directing, conducting and composition to music and sound production, jazz music and many more.

Each department offers accredited study programmes in English as well as short-term individual internships, exchange programmes, specialized courses and opportunities to study abroad.

AMU maintains agreements with a variety of European universities as well as educational institutions outside of the EU. The academy is also involved in a range of international artistic and research projects and is a member of international professional organisations (La Fémis, Tisch School, CALARTS, Hochshchule für Musick, Institute of Music Acoustic and others).

All three faculties are located in the heart of Prague’s historical centre, easily reachable by all the means of public transport or even by a bike.

Join more than 1300 young artists currently enrolled at AMU and follow in the footsteps of Milan Kundera, Emir Kusturica, Agnieszka Holland or Václav Havel!

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