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Bc.Economics and Management

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - Faculty of Economics and Management

The BSc study programme Economics and Management is designed for prospective students desiring to acquire undergraduate university education as economists and managers in an English speaking environment. Graduates of this programme will acquire standard theoretical knowledge in the areas of general economics and management theory, as well as in agricultural economics, enterprise economics, finance, financing, accounting and management. They will learn to understand concepts and methods that correspond with job requirements for executive positions in production, services, commerce, public administration, finance and insurance sectors. They will also acquire basic knowledge of the fundamentals of law, fundamentals of statistics, operation research and informatics. Their knowledge will be enhanced with the fundamentals of animal production, fundamentals of psychology, political science, sociology and philosophy. Graduates will be qualified for employment at various posts in management, trade, accountancy, banking, in private firms and state institutions. The diverse nature of agribusiness sector also provides many career opportunities. Graduates are well prepared for the follow up MSc programme “Economics and Management”. Erasmus exchange students at BSc level can enrol for one or two semesters.

Graduate profile

Graduates of the bachelor´s degree study branch Economics and Management submit their applications to some of the related branches of the master´s degree study or they leave for practice. In practice they are capable of autonomous application of their knowledge gained, in practical activities when fulfiling duties at the level of small- and medium-level firms as creative team members in the area of operational and medium-level management. They find employment in service enterprises, project and consulting organizations, processing sector enterprises, financial institutions and authorities. The good level of their preparedness for practice has been testified through the research outcomes on University graduates´ unemployment level published, where for the FEM CZU graduates one of the lowest values has been reported (1.4 % as in the HN on February 19, 2016).


Applications start 22nd November 2022
Applications end 31st March 2023
Start of study: 25th September 2023
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Admission requirements

Secondary school diploma or equivalent, entrance examination in Mathematics and English language, in the form of a multiple-choice test (June 7 - 11, 2021 in Prague).
For online admission, address the contact person by email.



Degree level bachelor
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 800 per year 1

1 For admission, contact Ing. Fördöš Julius (fordos@pef.czu.cz)

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