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Ph.D.Biomedical Engineering

Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

The study program Biomedical engineering is aimed at scientific research and independent research activities in the multidisciplinary field of biomedical engineering. This branch of science emerged due to the need to separate a field of interaction with the living organism, which is specific in many aspects, from the traditional engineering disciplines. Besides the ethical questions, the requirements for research and development in the field of biomedical and clinical technology include above all operational reliability, medical safety, but also good accessibility to all citizens, pressure on the transfer of the scientific discovery from the developmental stage to production as well as routine implementation of medical technology in the entire network of hospitals together with the methods of optimization of its utilization. The study program Biomedical engineering takes into account and emphasizes all these aspects. From the professional perspective, this program is significantly a multidisciplinary one, characterized by a high rate of interconnection of technical and natural scientific disciplines with the clinical environment and medical fields. The characteristic feature of this program is its openness to graduates of master programs of all the above mentioned fields.
The program Biomedical engineering applies quantitative, analytical and integrative methods and methods of modeling from the molecular level to the whole organism to support understanding of basic biological processes, as well as to develop innovative approaches, methods and devices aimed at prevention, diagnostics and disease treatment. Doctoral students, following their master degrees, are engaged in scientific and research projects at training workplaces (departments) and are motivated by the study conditions to define and solve their own scientific and research projects. During their studies, the students are guided towards independent publishing of the results of their scientific work.
In accordance with the current worldwide development of biomedical engineering, the program is also targeted at interdependence of studies with the needs of clinical practice and requirements of a commercial sphere, as well as applied research institutions, which extends and increases the employability of graduates in the labor market. The aim of the study is to provide students with unique combination of top theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired through a form of short practice in clinical environment or private companies and through realization of students´ own dissertation theses. Unlike the previous doctoral study programs, the emphasis will be placed on acquiring practical knowledge and skills. The graduates will not only be ready to work in an academic sphere, but they will also be prepared to work in a private sector. The acquired knowledge enables a graduate to define new scientific issues and to propose their solutions. The graduates will be capable of complete preparation and realization of research, including planning, elaboration of documents for project management or grant applications, elaboration of a study protocol, obtaining necessary approvals mainly in clinical studies or animal experiments, actual realization of experiments and their accurate statistical evaluation. The graduates will be ready to work on important positions in research and development centres of commercial entities, both within national and multinational corporations.
The program directly responds to the future demand for top professionals with technical education.

Graduate profile

  • As an independent researcher able to propose, realize and evaluate the research for individual research teams at universities and hospitals;
    - in the development and research teams of international and national industrial commercial entities, namely in the development departments of large and medium-sized companies targeted at medical technology;
    - in the interdisciplinary teams focusing on the development of new treatment methods and procedures at clinical workplaces, namely of university and regional hospitals, and in the senior positions of hospital biomedical departments;
    - at universities through research and pedagogy work;
    - in the laboratories of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and other research centers;
    - on senior professional and managerial positions in the state administration.


Applications start 5th February 2024
Applications end 1st July 2024
Start of study: 23rd September 2024
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Admission requirements

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http://en.fbmi.cvut.cz/students/news, mail: kulhaluc@fbmi.cvut.cz

Degree level Ph.D.
Study duration 4 years
Language English
Place Kladno
School fees € 38 per year
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