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Msc.Dance Pedagogy

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague - Music and Dance Faculty

The Master's degree in Dance Pedagogy provides education in the field of dance pedagogy, which includes the development of the student's methodological and didactic thinking within the chosen curriculum and pedagogical skills based on intensive practice. The teaching system encourages the student to conduct his/her own movement research. It provides space for the development of his/her creativity and artistic expression. Through the form of discussion, the student alienates the way of thinking and looking at the issues of dance pedagogy and education in the 21st century in the Czech and international context.
The student systematically deepens his professional methodological and didactic knowledge in the given specialisation, which logically follows and develops his creative pedagogical skills, thinking and complex reasoning about movement based on the anatomical knowledge of the body that he has acquired in the Bachelor's programme.
He/she will gain a detailed overview of the development of dance in the second half of the 20th and early 21st centuries and the basics of dance management and production. The student learns to contextualize a professional topic and perceive the chosen field in the context of dance in general and in relation to other artistic disciplines and culture.
Future dance educators who undergo intensive dance practice supervised by university studies in dance pedagogy will contribute in a distinctive way to the development of dance education. Through their pedagogical work in leisure activities, they will also contribute to the broader education of society in the field of dance, which is today a fundamental prerequisite for the existence of and respect for professional art.

Graduate profile

The student is able to competently teach dance techniques and repertoire specialized according to the chosen in different age groups and at all levels of expertise of the dance performer. He/she is able to perceive the role of the dance teacher not only in terms of narrowly professional dance teaching, but also in terms of pedagogical psychology and to be aware of the responsibility for the overall development of the dance performer. He/she must be able to define goals, choose methods and procedures. The basic values in teaching should be above all - the ability to motivate, communicative skills, empathy, respect and trust, openness, positive attitude, constant self-development, search for new ways and approaches, self-reflection. The graduate strengthens his/her conviction of the effectiveness of pedagogical action in accordance with the value orientation and in terms of the principles of communication in a democratic society.
The student demonstrates a broad knowledge of the history, theories, concepts and methods of dance and the discipline, and is able to apply this knowledge to artistic/creative practice in the field of dance arts. Can ask questions and locate, organize and interpret information or sources of inspiration relevant to the solution of a defined problem or artistic representation of a given topic. The student can use dance terminology and basic technologies of the field and,
The student is able to incorporate consideration of the ethical dimension of problems into problem solving. The student is able to communicate clearly and persuasively to professionals and lay people the nature of professional problems in dance and non-verbal theatre and his/her own views on their solution. Is able to collaborate effectively and harmoniously on collective team projects and to summarise the views of other team members in a clear manner. Is able to communicate within the scope of his/her professional knowledge and skills in at least one foreign language. He/she is able to acquire further professional knowledge, skills and competences independently, based primarily on practical experience and its evaluation, but also by independent study of theoretical knowledge in the field.


Applications start 15th March 2024
Applications end 15th April 2024
Start of study: 1st October 2024
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Admission requirements

The entrance examination consists of an interview on professional issues, dance technique exercise analysis, the focus of the candidate's Master's studies, and the abstract of the intended thesis in the chosen specific curriculum.
There is a fee for studying in English. The amount of tuition fees for each study programme, including specialisations, is set by the Dean's Decree, which is published in the relevant section of the faculty website in English.
The conditions of the admission procedure, including the determination of the method of scoring and its range, are regulated for each academic year by the relevant decree of the Dean, which is subject to approval by the Academic Senate of the Faculty.



Degree level master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 8800 per year 1

1 EUR per academic year

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