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Mastering the technical knowledge, cultivation of creativity and development of organisational skills are all prerequisites for the execution of the creative ideas and intentions of a cinematographer as the author of the final visual component in an audiovisual work. The Master program emphasises the development of an individual creative style within the cinematographer?s work.

Graduate profile

A graduate of the Master program in Cinematography at the Department of Cinematography, FAMU, is ready for the profession of a cameraman on a superb technical, expert and art level. The cameraman is capable of shooting both documentary and drama film or TV genres; s/he becomes a DoP in film or TV. S/he has a full command of visual stylisation instruments and applies an independent creative approach to the transformation of inspirational influences ? cinematographic image vs work of visual art, cameraman?s performance versus serving the drama. The cinematographer has a profound knowledge of photochemical, electronic and digital cinematography technologies and is able to respond to the current developments in technology flexibly. The cameraman accepts responsibility for the social and ethical message of the work s/he is contributing to, in light of the essential function of the DoP?s work which is serving the story at hand. The cameraman is capable of adjusting to the personality and intentions of the Director, and of applying the current technological and artistic skills to contribute towards completion of the work. The cinematographer can become creatively involved and communicates consensually with the remaining members of the production crew, both in the organisation and art parts thereof.


Applications start 1st November 2023
Applications end 26th January 2024
Start of study: 1st October 2024
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Admission requirements

Successful completion of a Bachelor?s study program.
Details are available at the FAMU ? Department of Cinematography website in the ?Entry requirements?.
The admission procedure has two stages. The first stage is completed by the submission of all mandatory art work (10 photographs presenting Home, the Handkerchief storyboard, Free Photographs, essay on ?Why I Want to Study at FAMU?). The committee evaluates the applicants and selects those to be invited to the second stage which takes the form of a Skype interview with the admission committee. Then, the committee determines the ranking of all applicants and proposes the most successful ones who should be admitted.



Degree level master post bachelor
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 19000 per year
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