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The Master's programme in the field of Photography is focused on the student's further creative and intellectual development, on deepening his/her knowledge and talent in view of his/her individual focus and abilities. The Master?s programme places emphasis on intensive, deep and concentrated work on one's own education in close collaboration with pedagogues, and leads students to acquire the ability of reflection in both the creative and theoretical areas.

Graduate profile

Thanks to the systematic care and attention accorded to his/her talent, the graduate is an artistic personality or expert with a firm scholarly grounding and with the prerequisites for further creative growth. In addition to various possibilities in the area of photography, he/she is also equipped for the areas of publication, curation, work on audio-visual productions, and pedagogical activity. Graduates of the Studio of Photographic Restoration and Archiving are equipped in particular for professional work in the collection fonds of institutions which work with photographs, in museums, galleries, professional restoration workshops, and as expert advisors, curators and pedagogues.


Applications start 1st May 2018
Applications end 15th August 2018
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Admission requirements

The basic criterion for admitting the candidate is an assessment of his/her talent prerequisites evaluated on the basis of submitted authored works representing the candidate's production, and further an evaluation of the candidate's will to work on developing his/her talent and organisational abilities evaluated on the basis of the presented project for the Master's programme.



Degree master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 8700 per year
Akademie múzických umění v Praze