Everything about your study
in one of the most beautiful cities in the world

About Prague

The Queen of the Cities, The City of a Hundred Spires, The Jewel in the Heart of Europe, Mother of all the Cities. Despite being in the very centre of modern Europe, Prague somehow managed to keep all its medieval and romantic charms, secrets and names. If the maxim is to see Rome and die, for Prague it is the very opposite: Once you´ve seen it, you’ll want to move in.

Not to be mistaken with a bunch of its namesakes in the USA, Prague or Praha is so much more than a well-preserved monument of past ages. From the synagogues of Jewish Town to the illuminated walls of Prague Castle, every corner of the city is very much alive, breathing and pulsating with new energy. And it has many surprises hidden up its sleeves.

Small, green, affordable

Even though Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, compared to its siblings across Europe, it remains relatively small. It has less than one eighth of London’s population, half of Rome’s and approximately a third of Berlin’s. This allows the city to maintain its very specific character without being too vast to be properly comprehended. It is one of the greenest and most compact capitals you’ll ever see and a much more affordable variant to the rest of them.

The cultural hub in the centre of Europe

Just as San Francisco is a city of free culture and artists, Prague follows in the same open spirit, partially due to its large population of students and expats. The concentration of theatres, cinemas, music halls and clubs (including famous Reduta Jazz Club, where even Bill Clinton gave one of his famous sax performances), exhibition halls and festivals of any conceivable theme is just overwhelming. There virtually isn’t a day in the week when you can’t find a cultural event taking place somewhere. If you ever feel like you don’t know what to do, just check here.

Home of Galileo

Apart from culture, Prague is also a city of science and research. Being the seat of kings and emperors, Prague has always been a nurturing home to alchemy, astrology, magic and other rather obscure subjects as well as the formal scientific disciplines. Nowadays it proudly hosts 39 out of 54 institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences, seven of the greatest and top-notch universities in the country, as well as the administration of European navigation system Galileo. And it was in Prague where the International Astronomical Union decided to strip Pluto of its planet status.

Prague isn’t just a place to visit. It’s a place to embrace, to experience and to fall in love with. Come and see for yourself.