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Meet other students

Apart from thrilling books, lectures, caffeine and sleepless nights, studying at a university would be a big old bore if it weren’t for the community. When you come to Prague, you will surely want to reach out, make new friendships and connections. Here is just a little help on how to do it.

Your first new friends are going to be your classmates – people you’ll spend most of your time with and who you will encounter on a day-to-day basis. If you want to meet more people, your best shot is to try international student university clubs. There are over a 43.000 young people from abroad currently studying in the Czech Republic and most of them in Prague, so don’t worry, you won’t end up alone, friendless and abandoned. Of course, it may still happen, but you would really have to work for it.

Student clubs

Most of the universities run their own clubs, but you can always check these out. The biggest and most broadly recognized is the ESN or the International Exchange Erasmus Student Network. They can basically help you out with anything, they organize orientation weeks, set up trips to go all over the country and host other social activities where you can always meet some new people. There is the International Students Club of Czech Technical University in Prague, which functions in the very same way. Another one is specifically tailored for the students of Czech University of Life Sciences – you can find it here. Apart from these you may try AIMS or the Association of International Medical Students, or the Trimed for all the students of the Third faculty of Medicine.

Who’s your buddy, buddy?

A buddy is somebody you can trust. A buddy is your friend, your guardian and your guide in a strange new environment. These are Czech students from your university who volunteering to be there for you if you need any help while settling in, finding your classes and getting your new life together. They can even pick you up at the airport, if you want, and in exchange, all they want is to improve their language skills. Here is some basic info, if you want a buddy to take care of you.