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Msc.International and Diplomatic Studies

University of Economics, Prague - Faculty of International Relations
  • apply interdisciplinary knowledge of international economics, international policy, international law, international security, and ties between these disciplines both on theoretical and applied level;
  • understand current globalization process and its consequences from the global, state, and also world’s regions‘ (including European region) point of view;
  • describe principles of foreign policy analysis and foreign policy-making of particular countries;
  • apply the knowledge of diplomatic practice, preventive diplomacy, international negotiations, diplomatic protocol and etiquette, and diplomatic and consular law;
  • process and prepare research projects due to know-how acquired during studies abroad;
  • analyse and evaluate, on both theoretical and applied levels, current world order and main trends in contemporary international relations at global and regional level, and implement this knowledge in practice as needed;
  • analyze concepts of countries‘ foreign policy and different understanding of diplomacy, to interpret foreign policy making extensively and to compare it with the Czech foreign policy;
  • participate in international negotiations on bilateral and multilateral level, and apply principles of diplomatic protocol and multicultural communication in practice;
  • prepare and solve expert projects relating to international relations, evaluate results of primary and secondary research, based on both quantitative and qualitative methods.

More information at: http://ids.vse.cz/

Graduate profile

The aim of the programme is to produce highly specialized professionals in the fields of international policy and security, and equip them with advanced theoretical knowledge of international relations, advanced knowledge of international and diplomatic law, and strategic decision-making in foreign service or public diplomacy on international level. Core values of the program are: comprehensive understanding of the subject, integrity of theory and practice, emphasis on ethical and environmental dimension of decision-making, and respect to multicultural aspect of international environment.
Program is suitable for students who have the ability of analytical and theoretical thinking, and at the same time are able to apply acquired knowledge in practice. Study requirements are: advanced knowledge of at least two international languages, ability to understand international processes in their complexity, effective team-work, and motivation to work in an international environment.


Applications start 1st December 2017
Applications end 30th April 2018
Start of study: 25th September 2018
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Admission requirements

Applicants required to take an entrance exam testing their knowledge of general economics and professional subjects, which is used for decisions about acceptance.


Contact us at admissions@vse.cz or visit our website

Degree master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 3600 per year
Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze