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Msc.Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague - Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering concerns itself with the transformation and processing of raw materials into useful products that we encounter in our everyday lives (e.g., packaging, plastics, food, medicine). As a chemical engineer, you will learn to understand, describe, and model various processes to design, manage, and optimize the necessary production equipment for efficient, economical, safe, and environmentally friendly process operation. You can participate in developing new materials or unique technologies based on tailored functional properties of micro- and nanostructures. An integral part of the programme involves laboratory work, during which you will conduct specific research projects. Numerous possibilities for excursions and internships will bring you the opportunity to visit the top companies in the field where you can continue your professional career after graduation.

Graduate profile

Example of career options: A key contributor to research and development activities, Corporate management, Engineer at chemical and biotechnology companies, Engineer at food companies, Environmental protection, Start-ups, International labor market, Doctoral studies…


Applications start 1st December 2023
Applications end 31st January 2024
Start of study: 9th September 2024
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E-mail: admissions@vscht.cz
Phone: + 420 220 443 841, + 420 220 443 158
Address University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
Department of International Relations
Technická 5
166 28 Praha 6
Czech Republic

Degree level master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 3150 per year 1

1 The tuition fee is for the whole academic year/2 semesters.

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