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Bc.Environmental Engineering

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - Faculty of Environmental Sciences

The programme focuses on providing the student with a complex understanding of environmental protection with emphasis on the management of natural resources. This programme offers a deeper knowledge of earth sciences, environmental chemistry, and remediation of environmental contamination with an understanding of the behaviour of pollutants in the global environment.

Graduate profile

The study programme focuses on introducing the student to science and contemporary research linked with a practical application for how to best reduce impacts to the natural and built environment. Graduates will be able to understand a variety of topics related to environmental protection, including recent challenges arising from climate change. Graduates will become skilled in how to best mitigate the negative impacts associated with climate change, and more importantly, how to propose appropriate measures in order to improve the current and future state of the environment. Graduates will become competent in how to communicate and work in team-oriented jobs and combine the results of different practical documentation such as spatial plans, management plans, EIA, SEA, conservation policy, or similar governmental and regulatory studies. They will become knowledgeable in evaluating differently levels of environmental pollution, understanding the implications of different parameters and (bio) indicators.


Applications start 1st February 2023
Applications end 13th April 2023
Start of study: 25th September 2023
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Admission requirements

Required documents:
HS Diploma/certificate
Admission and Evaluation procedure:
1) GAP tests general skills and aptitudes needed for successful completion of university studies

Details available here: https://www.fzp.czu.cz/en/r-9408-study/r-9494-study-at-fzp/r-9792-admission-procedures/r-14065-bachelor-s-study-programmes



Degree level bachelor
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 480 per year 1

1 For admission information contact Ing. Honsová Hana (honsovahana@fzp.czu.cz)

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