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Ph.D.Applied Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing in Forestry

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - Faculty of Economics and Management

This study program addresses an increasing recognition of the importance of modern technologies for acquisition and analyses of spatial data (including data on forest ecosystems), increasing demands on processing of such data and their use in practical forest management and research. The program strives to prepare experts who are able to use extensive data and knowledge bases to heighten the quality of forestry decision-making and improve, for example, our capacities for crises management related to forest disturbances or forest adaptation to environmental changes. The program emphasises remote sensing-based approaches, including novel tools based on laser scanning and drone operation, spatial optimization of forest landscapes or use of complex ecosystem models. Students are provided with the most-recent technical equipment and diverse software products, and have good opportunities to work in international teams as well as collaborate with forestry practice


Applications start 22nd November 2022
Applications end 31st May 2023
Start of study: 30th September 2023
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Admission requirements

Current information about the admission procedure can be find on https://www.fld.czu.cz/en/r-9414-study/r-11075-admission-procedures/r-13202-admission-procedure-for-doctoral-study



Degree level Ph.D.
Study duration 4 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 200 per year 1

1 Contact person: Ing. Hana Ayad: ayad@fld.czu.cz

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