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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - Faculty of Economics and Management

The aim of the doctoral study programme Management is to provide opportunities for further professional growth university-educated specialists and prepare them primarily for the scientific career in an important way deepening especially theoretical knowledge in the areas of management theory of organizational systems, management principles organization at various levels (from operational to strategic) and principles of management of individual functions or application domains (human resources, marketing, finance, but also non-profit organizations, state or public institutions, different sectors, size groups of organizations, etc.). The main accent of doctoral studies is the development of abilities and skills enabling graduates to work independently in the field from the design of the research, through its implementation with the use of adequate methods of scientific work up to an objective interpretation of the results achieved, including their introduction into the context of the current level of knowledge in the field. Part of the study is also the development of ability present their own knowledge, use effective forms of communication with respect to the target audience and maintain ethical principles of scientific work.

Graduate profile

The graduate of the doctoral study programme Management gains profound professional knowledge of theoretical principles and top skills in scientific work. Theoretical equipment and ability to apply acquired knowledge in individual management areas where they create a common fundamental for independent scientific research and research other creative activities of the graduate with a focus on analysis, design, modeling and implementation considering modern knowledge and respect for various paradigms of contemporary management. The graduate has a deep theoretical knowledge in the field of management and related disciplines (especially economics) and as an expert with top qualification, they can find employment especially within scientific teams at universities, scientific and research workplaces of basic and applied research, as well as large corporations. He/she can solve complex theoretical and practical problems of organization management of all forms and size and solutions achieved by applying recommendations for individual subjects. On the theoretical level his/her professional profile the graduate can use his/her ability to interpret, argue, confront and generalize to the development of the discipline management and enrich the current level of knowledge of their own original finding. The development of his/her practical skills then predetermines as an independent solution of complex problems management with consistent application of appropriate scientific and methodological approaches, as well as teamwork within research teams. Regarding language skills, the graduate can communicate solutions, research problems in an international environment, cooperate in teams on international projects, to present the results of their research work in the international field and to publish the outputs in professional magazines.


Applications start 22nd November 2022
Applications end 31st May 2023
Start of study: 30th September 2023
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Admission requirements

Current information about the admission procedure can be find on Doctoral Admission Procedures - https://www.pef.czu.cz/en/r-9397-science-research/r-9523-doctoral-study/r-10944-doctoral-admission-procedures



Degree level Ph.D.
Study duration 4 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 5400 per year 1

1 Contact person: Bc. Ladislav Šána: sana@pef.czu.cz

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