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Msc.Business Administration

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - Faculty of Economics and Management

The study programme is open for students having BSc degrees in Business Administration or Economics. The most important consideration for applicants is an interest in continued study and intensive research in some area of business with the minimum of prerequisites for admission to the programme. The programme gives the students the capability of evaluating the complexity of the business area by providing them with analytical tools for key decision-making processes. The further aim of the programme is to foster future leaders and professionals in business area at the international scale. Graduates are well equipped for national and international positions in the civil service, banking, research institutes, and private development institutions. They also have career prospects as managers in business. LLP ERASMUS exchange students at MSc level can enrol for one or two semesters of studies.
The study programme is taught entirely in English. Faculty of Economics of CULS Prague cooperates with leading European universities, such as University College Cork, Wageningen University, Newcastle University, Humboldt University in Berlin, the University of Plymouth, the University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur, ISCTE Business School, the University of Guelph, the University of Missouri, Chonnam National University and others. Foreign lecturers from partner universities are involved in organizing and teaching in this programme.

Graduate profile

Graduates are prepared primarily for the business sector, in which they will either do business independently or perform management functions at the top or middle level of management. In particular, they will have the following abilities, knowledge and skills for these positions:

  • They can handle decisions of complex problems related to companies and entrepreneurship.
  • They are capable to accept uncertain conditions and potential risks and make decisions under time pressure.
  • They are equipped with an adequate methodological apparatus for managing companies and evaluating their success from various perspectives.
  • They are skilled in search for information, sorting it, evaluating it and making decisions based on it.
  • They are ready to accept the responsibility associated with decision making.
  • They are ready to proceed independently and creatively.
  • They are well equipped with theoretical knowledge - especially in the field of economic-managerial disciplines - and they can apply this knowledge in new situations in solving complex and unpredictable problems.
  • They are able to professionally use innovative, creative methods, effective tools and supporting argumentation.
  • They are able to cope with the demands of project management in the domestic and international environment.
  • They are able to practically use their knowledge in the implementation of their own business plan and the operation of their own business.


Applications start 22nd November 2021
Applications end 31st March 2022
Start of study: 29th September 2022
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Admission requirements

Completed Bachelor degree (completed undergraduate study)
Entrance Exams: an on-line oral interview from Economics and Management and Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship.



Degree level master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 4320 per year 1

1 For admission, contact Ing. Ievgen Tomashevskyi (tomashevskyi@pef.czu.cz)

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