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Msc.Forestry, Water and Landscape Management

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences

This MSc study programme has been designed for students with a BSc degree in Forestry Sciences, Landscape Sciences, and Ecological or Environmental Sciences, or with a BSc degree from a similar subject area. The programme delivers advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in forestry, water and landscape management for future professionals. Subjects include world forestry, forest communities, conservation, dissemination, water management, desertification and floods, technical measures and land improvement, revitalisation of the forest and landscape ecosystems. Students will get acquainted with economic issues, characteristic for forest management and landscape revitalisation, according to biotic and abiotic factors, they will understand issues related to forest industry, aforestation and reforestation, sustainability, the influence of air and water pollution on forests, water and landscape etc. The programme consists of compulsory and optional subjects. Students can participate in solving real environmental and landscape problems, managing natural resources and policymaking.

Graduate profile

Graduates of this programme can also apply their knowledge, using their highly specialised skills, for solving problems in the areas of research and innovation. They can apply new findings and methods and integrate them in various areas of practical applications. They can work independently in small and medium size enterprises, or find jobs as heads of creative teams at intermediate and top management levels, state environmental agencies, administration, international organizations and NGOs. LLP Erasmus exchange students at MSc level can enrol for one or two semesters.


Applications start 22nd November 2021
Applications end 30th April 2022
Start of study: 29th September 2022
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Admission requirements

Admission procedure: Evaluation of submitted Bachelor‘s diploma and an interview in English (about topics such as Forest Ecology)

See details here: https://www.fld.czu.cz/en/r-9414-study/r-11075-admission-procedures/r-13201-masters-admission-procedure



Degree level master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 600 per year 1

1 For detailed info contact Ing. Eva Kůrková (kurkova@fld.czu.cz, iro@fld.czu.cz)

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