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Msc.Global Information Security Management

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - Faculty of Economics and Management

The GISM Master's programme was designed for students that are pursuing a career in the planning, execution, and management of security solutions in diverse domains, from customs and trade to law enforcement, public administration, health, hospitality, and entertainment. It is also meant to address the educational needs of professionals transitioning into careers where they will face diverse information security management challenges. The GISM programme recognizes the need for such professionals to gain intimate familiarity with the societal context of evolving threats and the role that data and analytics play in countering them.

The courses are taught in English and give students a deeper theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of informatics and economics, which will enable them to proactively apply methods and procedures to reduce risks, ensure continuity of operations, and address new challenges in private and public organizations. Students will gain an in-depth insight into current economic and technological perspectives, which provides them the skills to strategically plan and implement emergency measures in situations ranging from global pandemics to natural disasters.

The final examination consists of the defense of the diploma thesis and a professional discussion on topics in three state exam corridors comprising the following subjects:

Global Information Security Management: Strategic Information Governance, Information System Security, Strategy of Information System

Spatial Intelligence: Geospatial Intelligence, Geographic Information Systems, Knowledge Analytics

Emerging Threats: Trade and Security, Economic Impacts of Conflict and Violence, Health and Environment

The programme has been developed in collaboration with the Intelligence Research Institute (IRI), a non-profit think tank for proactive threat mitigation studies headquartered in the United States of America.

Graduate profile

The graduates are being prepared to become leaders in information security, planning, management, analysis, and data processing. The study programme prepares experts especially for conceptual, analytical, and design work in private companies and public administration institutions as a data analyst, information security expert, in IT solutions implementation teams, or as system integrators. The interdisciplinary programme is designed with ICT, quantitative methods, and related social science courses.

During the study, students will have the opportunity to obtain certificates issued by Intelligence Research Institute (a partner institution), as well as certificates in working with statistical software (SAS academic programme), network technologies (CISCO Academy), and information systems (SAP academic programme).


Applications start 31st January 2022
Applications end 15th June 2022
Start of study: 29th September 2022
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Admission requirements

Entrance exam: Verification of English proficiency, review of a motivational video and the personal statement letter, written test in two subjects (Informatics, and Economics and Management).



Degree level master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 5550 per year 1

1 135,000 CZK = approximately 5550 EUR depending on the exchange rate. For admission, contact Ing. Jana Melezínková (melezinkova@pef.czu.cz)

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