Ph.D.Technology and Mechanization in Forestry

PhD Technology and Mechanization in Forestry is designed to provide knowledge and chosen practical skills in forest harvesting, whole-tree and timber transport, logging mechanization, forest constructions, woodworking and timber industry. The emphasis is put on the analysis, synthesis and experimental character of the research in the field of technologies of primary forestry and timber processing and subsequent secondary wood processing.
Graduates of Technology and Mechanization in Forestry are highly qualified and skilled and therefore much sought-after on the labour market. This field of study enables cooperation with the private sector in applied research, including the opportunities to acquire modern equipment.


Applications start 1st November 2016
Applications end 31st March 2017
Start of study: 2nd October 2017
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Degree Ph.D.
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze