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Msc.Tropical Crop Management and Ecology

The programme is open for BSc graduates with a strong background in crop management and/or ecology. Subjects include agroforestry, fruit production and viticulture, as well as core subjects such as botany, chemistry and agriculture ecology. Emphasis is given on advanced studies in crop production and environmental impact in tropical and subtropical agroecosystems. Students acquire advanced knowledge in production, processing and commercialization of tropical and subtropical crops, agroecological systems of farming in tropical and subtropical areas as well as scientific disciplines dealing with biodiversity, genetic resources, protection and conservation of tropical and subtropical plant ecosystems. They can use certain research methods and apply various exact procedures based on advanced theoretical knowledge of biology, genetics, physiology, plant protection etc. Students of “Tropical Crop Management and Ecology” will be well prepared for their professional career in tropical and subtropical countries in the fields of agronomy and agroecology. Erasmus exchange students can enrol for one or two semesters.

Graduate profile

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Applications start 1st November 2017
Applications end 31st March 2018
Start of study: 2nd October 2018
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Admission requirements

The prerequisite for studying master study program is completed of bachelor degree (see Article 1 of Act No. 147/2001 Coll.). Graduates of schools from abroad show level of education in accordance with Act No.111/1998 Coll. by a certificate - certificate which confirms achieved education and qualifications at the foreign university. The MSc. study course is directly linked to the BSc. study course Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture 4106R022, however the graduates of other BSc. courses with agricultural, biological and environmental profiles are encouraged to apply. The candidates who have completed BSc. studies of the course Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture do not need to pass admission examinations. The other candidates must pass admission examination in English in the form of an interview focused on plant production.



Degree master post bachelor
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 185 per year 1

1 Deadline for application might be postponed. For detailed info contact Ing. Petra Chaloupkova, Ph.D. (chaloupkova@ftz.czu.cz).

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