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The Summer School of Slavic Studies is designed for the general public, from beginners to more advanced students. This course is designed as intensive with focus on the Czech language and area studies. The optional afternoon programme consists of lectures held in Czech and English, showing Czech films, cultural and sport activities. It takes place in the Podebrady Study Centre, about 40 km from Prague. Minimum age requirement for attending courses is 18 years (Younger persons may attend the courses only when accompanied by their parent).


Applications end 18th June 2018
Start of study: 2nd July 2018
End of study: 27th July 2018
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Admission requirements




Type summer school
Study duration less than 0.5 year 1
Language English
Place Podebrady 2
School fees € 760 3

1 2 – 27 July

2 Beautiful spa town, approx. 40 km from Prague

3 We offer discounts up to 100 euro!

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