schoolEthnomusicology: Music in socialism and postsocialism

The summer school Music in socialism and postsocialism will provide students with a general understanding of social, cultural, political, and economic conditions of the European socialist and postsocialist states, and the role of music in this regard. The class topics will be related to a variety of music cultures (art music, village music, folklore, rock, pop, and folk-pop) discussed in the context of culture and politics of socialism and/or postsocialism. Each class will be based on one or two case studies of particular music cultures form particular states. We will mostly focus on the case studies from Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia (and their postsocialist counterparts), but will also consider other ones (e.g., Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria). The main framework of analysis will be the topics of resistance (via Alexei Yurchak), memory, and nationalism. We will host several local scholars, and will engage in conversations/interviews with local musicians and organizers who were part of the local music scenes during and/or after socialism. We will also watch relevant movies, visit local museums and institutions, and attend music concerts, related to the topic of the summer school. Students will be required to read several academic texts before and during the summer school, and respond to them in the form of short written assignments, as well as to write a short final paper (based on articles, and ethnographic work: interviews, concerts, etc). 4 credits.


Applications end 15th March 2017
Start of study: 23rd June 2017
End of study: 27th June 2017
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Type summer school
Study duration less than 0.5 year
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 30
Univerzita Karlova v Praze