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otherLL.M. Programme - Health and Law

This brand new LL.M. Programme seeks to provide its participants with a unique opportunity to become familiar with intricate legal issues related to human health, mental and physical well-being, healthcare systems and also sport activity. Graduates from this Specialisation may find legal jobs in various institutions of the healthcare system such as hospitals, ministries and other public agencies. Given the fact that the Programme covers substantially also the area of sports law, graduates may enhance their knowledge and skills for future employment with various sport associations or clubs. In addition, those interested in pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical sector or as attorneys specialised in health and/or sports law may find this Programme beneficial.


Applications end 30th April 2022
Start of study: 1st October 2022
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Admission requirements




Type other / special
Study duration 1.5 years 1
Language English
Place Prague

1 The LL.M. study Programme is organized into 3 semesters (two semesters of on-site study, one additional semester of distance study for writing a thesis and its defense).

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