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The main competitive advantage of Charles University bachelor "Science" program graduates is their ability to tackle contemporary scientific challenges with a variety of approaches. Based on the modern principle of science as a constantly evolving, interdisciplinary subject, graduates of the program focus on developing their scientific knowledge across the three pillars of natural sciences - biology, chemistry and physics. During the first two years students acquire a relevant knowledge of mathematics and are appropriately trained for its application towards science. The final year of the study is specific: students choose either biology, chemistry or physics and that is reflected in their final year curriculum. “Science” graduates acquire the sufficient knowledge of either biology, chemistry or physics for relevant master programs.


Applications end 28th February 2023
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Admission requirements




Degree level bachelor
Degree Bc.
Study duration 3 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 2500 per year 1

1 This number was calculated by automatic currency conversion using exchange rate for EUR: 24

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