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Msc.Applied Physiotherapy

Charles University - Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Graduate profile

The graduate is a health-care specialist qualified for specialized physiotherapeutic care within preventive, diagnostic, rehabilitation and palliative care, which can be provided in medical facilities of all types, including rehabilitation institutions, special departments, social care facilities, spas and sports facilities. S/he is endowed with the abilities to act independently and use a broad spectrum of physiotherapeutic methods, including therapeutic procedures based on physical agents. S/he is able to assess the effect of the therapy applied and has the appropriate professional background for practical and theoretical educational leadership. The therapist is endowed with knowledge and skills that comply with the Czech laws and WCPT regulations.


Applications end 31st July 2023
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Admission requirements




Degree level master post bachelor
Degree Mgr.
Study duration 2 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 9166 per year 1

1 This number was calculated by automatic currency conversion using exchange rate for EUR: 24

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