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Charles University in Prague - First Faculty of Medicine

Graduate profile

Doctoral study programme (PhD) bioethics is concerned about ethical questions accompanying health and medical care from diagnostics and therapy through prevention and experimentation to transplantation of organs and tissues. Pivotal themes include informed consent, dignity of the human being and health or quality of life. Other fields are the normative facet of genetics and stem cells, collection and protection of information regarding patients and just allocation of means in health care. In addition bioethics has a tight affinity to some further disciplines like philosophy of medicine, moral psychology, neuroethics, ethology of humans and medical law. Regarding method bioethics belongs to philosophy while the standard span of study is 4 years.


Applications end 30th April 2018
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Admission requirements




Degree Ph.D. Ph.D.
Study duration 4 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 78 per year 1

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