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Ph.D.General Questions of Mathematics and Information Science

Charles University in Prague - Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Graduate profile

PhD studies are aimed at secondary teachers graduated in mathematics or information science as a teaching subject and at university teachers of mathematics, information science or didactics of these subjects.The main aim is to prepare good mathematicians or information scientists with a deep knowledge of the fields immediately related to their work and with the broad general orientation in the present textbooks, the modern mathematical methods, the history of mathematics as well as in the development of teaching mathematics. The attention is paid to the preparation of teachers qualified for the teaching work in general and for working with the talented students in particular, who will be able to write teaching textbooks, including a methodological commentary and analysis of difficult issues.


Applications end 28th February 2018
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Admission requirements




Degree Ph.D. Ph.D.
Study duration 4 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 5920 per year 1

1 This number was calculated by automatic currency conversion using exchange rate for EUR: 25.335

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