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Ph.D.Applied Sciences in Mechanical Engineering

Czech Technical University in Prague - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The program Applied Sciences in Mechanical Engineering is based on the needs of future employers for highly qualified professionals who are able to perform basic and applied research and development, including subsequent transfer of knowledge to industry, especially in fields focused on advanced simulations, experiments, active controll systems, design of advanced materials and production technologies, sustainable and safe production of energy, industrial and environmental biotechnology, biomechanics, intelligent industrial systems based on modern informatics and others. The concept of the study is focused on scientific research and independent creative activity with strong interdisciplinary links in the field of modern mechanical engineering. The study program is conceived as multidisciplinary with overlaps between individual narrower areas of applied mechanics, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, mathematical and physical engineering, mechatronics and biomechanics.
The study program prepares professionals who are able to understand and develop increasingly complex systems across all areas of industry (engineering, energy, biotechnology, manufacturing, aerospace) in the virtual world of mathematical and computer models and simulations connected to the real physical world by controlled experiments.

More information at https://www.fs.cvut.cz/en/prospective-students/accredited-study-programmes/doctoral-study-programme/phd-avsi-en

Graduate profile

The graduates have deep theoretical knowledge for the most demanding research tasks as well as practical experiences with most state of the art mathematical, computer and experimental methods. Graduates will find employment in basic research in technical sciences, industrial research and development, design and implementation of new technologies and management of complex industrial systems, as well as in academia and other institutions dealing with science, research, development and innovation at international level.


Applications start 1st January 2023
Applications end 30th April 2023
Start of study: 25th September 2023
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Admission requirements

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Degree level Ph.D.
Study duration 4 years
Language English
Place Prague
School fees € 38 per year
České vysoké učení technické v Praze